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Society and disability

In a recent blog post I talked about how the topic of disability was being talked about within media. Today, I want to start to look at how the topic is being handled within society. I have recently done a few different interviews with other people who also have Spina Bifida, which you can find […]

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How time flies!

Time at college… People say ‘Time Flies when you are having fun.’ But is this true? This time two years ago I was waiting to have an appointment about an operation that I was meant to be having that August. I had finished my GCSE’s six weeks prior to this and I was feeling how […]

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Media and disability

Media and Disability I personally think that the topic of disability has got a lot better within media over the past few years. There are now programs that are including disabled people. There is a big issue about it in today’s society. People think it is not acceptable to include disabled people in comedy shows […]

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A different perspective…

Many people have different perspectives on the same situations. For me I don’t see myself having a disability but just unable to walk. I DON’T like the word disability. Before writing this Blog post I wanted to look up the word ‘Disability’, the definition in Oxford Dictionary is ‘A disadvantage or handicap’.  In today’s society people […]

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Today I was asked a question which I wanted to answer in less than one sentence but it was not possible. The question was ‘How does my family support me with my situation?’ Now before I begin to answer this I need to give you some background information. For the past seven years I have […]

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Christmas! Let me start this blog post by wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Christmas is a big deal in my family. Dad loves it when all the family comes round. As I have probably mentioned before in my previous blog post that my brother and his family live in Africa. […]

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Tribute The following post is a tribute to a good friend. These last two weeks have been the hardest two weeks that I have had for a long time. I lost a friend who was a teammate and someone who went through so much yet still was able to smile up till the very end. […]

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South West Scorpions

South West Scorpions South West Scorpions is a youth wheelchair basketball team. The club started nearly two years ago. I first heard about this club through school and decided to go along. Since I was seven I longed to be in a wheelchair basketball team.  Before going to training I had a few disappointments in […]

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Holiday! So, I have had a busy few months! I finished college for the summer holidays and i have finished my first year at college! I have really enjoyed being at home and being with my family. This year for our holiday we went down to Swanage and stayed in a beautiful house five minuets […]

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