Let me start this blog post by wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas is a big deal in my family. Dad loves it when all the family comes round. As I have probably mentioned before in my previous blog post that my brother and his family live in Africa. However for the past year they have been in England setting up their own charity. This also meant that they were able to spend Christmas with us. Unfortunately not  all my family were able to be with us. My sister and her husband also live in Africa and were unable to come back for Christmas.

Having Hydrocephalus means that it is quite hard for me to be able to join in and be in the same room as everyone else. Usually when there are big occasions like this I tend to stay in my room and not come out until I know that there is not many people in the room. I don’t find it easy when there are loads of people around the table or in a small room like our living room. This is mainly to do with the sound. When having hydrocephalus a loud noise is ten times as loud as it actually is. The strange thing is that I love going to loud concerts and it does not affect me. I think it is also determined by the sort of noise or how sudden it is. A good example would be fire alarms! I find it so hard when fire alarms go off in a building. I get a really bad headaches and start to feel a little sick and dizzy.

However, this year I wanted to see if I could  join in for at least half of the day. I gave myself a target of staying at the table for the first course. I managed to stay for the first course and then come back for Christmas pudding at the end! I was so pleased that I was able to tick it off the list. I then wanted to see how much more I was able to join in. When it came to opening presents I was able to stay in the room for the majority of the time. If I needed to go out the room I was able to with out making a big deal. It was the first time that I have managed to do it. It had taken a minute or two for me to be able to sit up at the table but when I did it was fine and I was able to sit next to my baby nephew and help feed him. It was so nice to be with my family and we also were able to Skype my sister and her husband.

I hope you had a great Christmas as well and a Happy New Year!

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  1. Paul December 28, 2014 at 5:45 pm #

    Thanks for writing this Sim! I so appreciate you explaining these things and love reading your stuff, keep writing!

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