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Many people have different perspectives on the same situations. For me I don’t see myself having a disability but just unable to walk. I DON’T like the word disability. Before writing this Blog post I wanted to look up the word ‘Disability’, the definition in Oxford Dictionary is ‘A disadvantage or handicap’.  In today’s society people collect many different labels. Some are obviously good but others are not so helpful. As someone considered with a disability I have had many labels put on to me worst of all is being called disabled. I’m not denying that I have a disability however, I don’t like concentrating on the labels that are negative or likely to make me feel bad about myself. I would prefer concentrating on successes and the labels that describe me as a person rather than a disabled person.

Now I am not saying that it is all fantastic and that people should not feel upset or fed up about having a disability. I know how rubbish it can be sometimes but I also know that I am not the only one facing this challenge. Once I have understood this I am able to get on with life and get on with what I want to do rather than sit around and feel sorry for myself. Many people have asked in the past what they should say instead of ‘Simeon has a disability.’ I think that the word disability is not just a label that can bring people down but also it is not that specific. There are so many different situations that can come under this one label. Nearly every time I give an answer like ‘I have a disability’ their next question is ‘What is your disability?’ So I am more than likely going to have to say what I have and explain what it is anyway. I have also found out that it starts more conversations with people as if I just say that ‘I have a disability’ it sort of implies that I do not want to talk about it where as in most cases I do.

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  1. Josh de T April 3, 2015 at 10:23 pm #

    Nice one Sim! Great article!

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