Today I was asked a question which I wanted to answer in less than one sentence but it was not possible. The question was ‘How does my family support me with my situation?’ Now before I begin to answer this I need to give you some background information.

For the past seven years I have been going to counselling sessions. I have had trouble with anxiety and as you may know from previous posts from me I have found it hard to be able to trust people including members of my family. I can probably guess what you may be thinking. It was nothing that they had done wrong. It was not just them I could not trust but it was with everyone including my teachers at secondary school. It was my fault entirely. It was me feeling guilty for things that I have done in the past and I started to think that people were starting to become more against me due to this. I had said some silly things which had got out of hand.

So now back to the question ‘How does my family support me with my situation?’ My family supports me like how any other person should be treated with respect. I may need extra support to do some of my day to day tasks but that does not mean that I am less capable than anyone else. As you can probably see from the photo below My family is quite big, meaning we are all very close. I have three brothers one sister, two sister in laws one brother in law, two nieces and two nephews! Half my family live in Mozambique in Africa. Therefore it is really nice to be able to see them all when they are here. My eldest brother and his family have just been over here for the last year and a bit setting up their own charity. My sister and her husband have just arrived back for six month and are living with us for three weeks before moving in with some friends. I get on so well with my family and I love hanging out with them. Hope that answers the question!



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